Mistral is a preparation with an optimal balance of amino acids and short- and long-chain peptides. The amino acids and short-chain peptides are rapidly absorbed, provide direct nourishment and act as bioactivators, stimulating the release of other substances that play a part in numerous metabolic reactions. The short-chain peptides also have a synergizing or booster effect on other substances as they combine with them. The long-chain peptides, which degrade into amino acids and short-chain peptides, act as a nutrient reserve. Soil application will improve soil texture and structure.

20 L 5 L
6,30 €/L 6,75 €/L
20 L (Palet (640 L)) 5 L (Palet (320 L))
5,05 €/L 5,45 €/L

33.75 3,232.00  IVA no incluido


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