Soil conditioner

Soil conditioner

Healthy growing soil requires 50% organic material, and 50% pore space filled with equal amounts of air and water (25% and 25%, respectively). However, this is not always possible to achieve, and that’s where soil conditioners can be a big help.
A soil conditioner is a fertilizer designed to improve the physical properties of the soil, enhancing its fertility and water holding capacity. These products are formulated using materials of organic and inorganic origin, which enhance root development, correct problems of acidity and salinity, and enable the plant to make better use of available resources.
At Agroclean, we specialize in the manufacture of fertilizers and composts for crop nutrition. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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Liquid compost with a mix of amino...
Humic 15
Liquid humic extract derived from leonardite.
Maximum uptake of nutrients from soil.

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