Formulation based on amino acids obtained by fermentation of Corynebacterium glutamicum and acid hydrolysis of vegetable proteins to stimulate root and plant growth. The high concentration of phytohormones (cytokinins, auxins and zeatins), hormone precursors, B-group vitamins and other substances make this product an excellent root booster and growth stimulant. The perfect balance of the aminogram affords a good level of glutamic acid, as well as sufficient levels of glycine and lysine to promote the plant’s resistance to situations of stress.

20 L 5 L 1 L
11,45 €/L 11,95 €/L 12,50 €/L
20 L (Palet (640L)) 5 L (Palet (320L))
9,25 €/L 9,65 €/L

12.50 5,920.00  IVA no incluido


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