Agroclean bet

Plants with greater resistance to stress situations and reduced cracking, malformation and abortion of recently set fruit.

Organic fertilizer of plant origin, composed of glycine betaine obtained from beetroot molasses. The product supplies the plant with organic nitrogen and acts as an osmoprotectant, regulating water exchange between the plant and the enviroment. Direct benefits for crop yield include improved retention of recently set fruit and increased fruit weight. Suitable for use with all types of crop: vegetables, pulses, strawberries and other soft fruit, citrus, fruit and olive trees, grapevines, etc.

25 kg 5 kg 1 kg
15,54 €/kg 17,40 €/kg 20,34 €/kg
25 Kg (Palet (250 kg)) 5 kg (Palet (250 kg)) 1 kg (Palet (250 kg))
13,20 €/kg 14,78 €/kg 17,28 €/kg

*Are you a big farmer, garden center, nursery or distributor? We have another rate for you. See our section “Large volume and distributors”


20.34 4,320.00  IVA no incluido

Product properties

* Safety and technical specifications available in the registered user area.

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